Seeking a Career in Consulting?
Women in Business are always encouraged to join us!

We welcome you as a trusted business advisor to join this very unique and innovative 24/7 business advisory platform created exclusively 3 years ago, to assist local SA small business with minimal costs to the client and minimal time you spend working with the client giving, both the client and you the trusted advisor more time with family.


We prefer long-lasting friendly relationships with all our clients, instead of wining for you and your bank account as a trusted business advisor.


Seeking a Career in Business Consulting?


Between roles or Seeking new opportunities?


Juggling family and work commitments and wanting work/life balance?

Wanting to work from home and continue your career whilst caring for others?


Already have a current small business consulting business with clients? or seeking to go it alone and build your own client base?


Have business qualifications?


Willing to work within our business network as an independent business consultant from $70 p/h for basic client services we charge the client?


Can hotdesk? (work at our clients premises, or remotely at home or a co-working space?).


Live in Adelaide or Regional SA.


What can we offer you as an Adelaide Business Consultant?

When you join us, you're joining a large network of experienced business consultants within Adelaide and regional areas of SA. 


We have existing small business client's and we're always looking to reach out to new clients, but we can only manage the client’s we have.  If we have more experienced consultants that can bring their expertise and share their client's needs, then you're more than welcome to join us.

When you join the business network there's no up-front costs to pay, we just work together to share our client network with your network of clients as a complete one stop shop delivering all aspects of small business advice within South Australia with minimal costs to the client.

How does it work?

For example, if you are an Info Tech professional servicing your client’s IT needs and your client’s are needing other independent experienced business consultants such as Human Resources, Accountants, PR/Marketing or Governance Professionals, then naturally as an Info Tech professional, you may not have this experience but want to help your client’s more, without losing them to the large major SA business consulting agencies that offer similar services to ours at a much higher cost to SA small business. 


Likewise if our client's are needing I.T. professionals, then we need you to assist our client's I.T. needs as our specialist consultants may not be experienced in I.T. advice, but are wanting to give their client's a full range of business services, without losing them to the major consulting agencies mostly owned by overseas companies and money going overseas and not creating local jobs in SA. 

Just because you’ve recommended your clients to an external team of consultants doesn’t mean you should lose them.  We work together, if our clients are needing an Accountant/Bookkeeper to manage our client’s Tax/Bookkeeping needs and your clients are needing HR/Business, I.T. advice etc, then to retain each of our client’s, we share our consulting resources, ensuring we can sustain our business’s without losing clients to the major business consulting agencies in SA.  

You keep your clients and we just partner with you, if you’re a Tax/Bookkeeping professional we need you also to assist our clients Tax/Bookkeeping needs, whilst we do the business/HR advice, I.T. and strategy stuff to help our and your clients grow successfully.


We simply work together, sharing our resources together.

  • We have Professional Indemnity Insurance cover as Business Consultants.

  • We have an 24/7 online booking service for our clients to choose and select an advisor in their local region and if you're selected as their advisor, you’ll be notified by email when a client has selected your service and booked a time for you to meet with them.

  • We have an online financial payment, CRM and invoicing system linked to PayPal so when you complete consulting work for us, payments are processed quickly, ensuring you’re paid promptly within 3 hours.  

  • We want our clients and our consultants to have a work/life balance.  We don’t encourage our consultants to work more than 30 hours per week, ensuring our consultants can continue their professional development hours to assist our client’s businesses with fresh new ideas.  Our annual CPD target hours is 200 for each consultant, we don’t expect our consultants to work full-time whilst trying to achieve their CPD target.

  • We encourage innovation and creative new fresh ideas to give our clients the very best. You can only achieve this for our clients by attending professional development functions, networking and workshops. 


These roles are available under contract for up to 6 months working within our business advisor network and are commissioned paid roles where we share advisory fees for services given and give you access to many Adelaide small business clients under the Adelaide Business Advice and Consulting Brand.


We too would like you to prosper and grow with us over time.


We look forward to meeting with you and discussing further, this very unique and innovative business advisory platform created to assist local SA small business with minimal costs to the client.


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Offices and Consultants located throughout South Australia including Adelaide, Burnside, Blackwood, Crafers, Hahndorf, Hallett Cove, Kent Town, Mile End, Marion, Netley, Norwood, Salisbury, Seaton, Stirling, Torrensville, Tonsley and Victor Harbor.  

Head Office, Adelaide, South Australia (08) 8180 0624 (All hours Telephone Service, for our valued clients)

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